Smart City Lahore

Smart City, a joint venture project of Mokal Housing and Blue World City, is an expression of the group’s commitment to introduce new standards of excellence that offers smart living. As the name suggests, Smart City is a master-planned gated community, equipped with the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for greater connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) for enhanced surveillance and security as well as greater responsiveness within the community for effective management.
Featuring 3, 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal houses, apartment buildings, commercial areas and public parks, Smart City is the place to promise a life well lived.  The project started with 75 acres of land and is to be expanded up to 30,000 acres of land in the next 15 years through different land acquisition models.

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Smart City – Lahore

Smart City Housing – Smart City Housing

Lahore, Pakistan

Asad Town

It is a small development project for the lower middle class of Pakistan comprising of around 150 homes named after one of the members of the mokal family. It is built for the people employed at Mokal Farms and others working in the surrounding areas. It was built more than 20 years ago.

Manga Mandi, Pakistan

Khalid Town

It is located in the area of Khalidabad named after the founder of Mokal Farms. It is right next to Asad Town. It is a project for the lower middle class of the area. 

Small Towns in the Mokal Farms Area