We are focused on the production and cultivation of common wheat. It is most widely cultivated and is mostly used for making bread, pastries and other baked goods.

To grow the best golden colored wheat is to follow the process of land preparation, seed selection, planting, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest and disease management, crop monitoring, harvesting and post harvest processing.

The post processing steps include cleaning, tempering, milling, stiffing and separation, purification , fortification, and finally packaging and storage.


The process to grow rice paddy includes land preparation, seed selection, transplanting, water management. Rice paddies are designed to promote water soil and water conservation. Rice paddies are integral part rice cultivation.

Rice is ready for harvest when the grains have reached their maturity and moisture content has decreased. The timing of the harvest can vary depending on variety and regional practice.

Threshing and processing can be done manually by beating the rice stalks or using mechanical threshers. The grains go under additional processing such as cleaning, dying and milling to produce rice ready for consumption.


Guava is a tropical and a subtropical fruit that is known for its delicious taste and a nutritional benefit.

Climate and soil requirements required to grow guava trees are highly important. Guava tree’s thrive in warm climates and temperatures

Guava fruits are typically harvested when they reach their mature stage and develop the desired color and flavor. The time of harvest depends on the variety of trees.  They are carefully handpicked to avoid damage to the fruit.